All of our treats go above and beyond what is considered ‘industry standard’ to preserve our treats in a fresh state as long as possible.

To understand our shelf-life and use-by dates you should first know some things about our process: the fruit or other item is dehydrated for at least 3-4 hours longer than recommended time to make sure that every last bit of the moisture is gone when we pack it.

When we pack our products we pack them in the baggies you see on the catalog: airtight baggies with a re-closable top zipper. Within a few hours of the fruit being moved out of our dehydrator we get the fruit packaged up and stamped with a “use by” date as well as include a desiccant (moisture absorber) pack to help maintain freshness.

We stamp a use by date of approximately 13 months from the day it was packaged, but if the package remains unopened the items should last theoretically a very long time (up to many years) in a cool dry place.

Once the package does get opened the fruit items may absorb moisture from the air and become like a leather, this is perfectly normal and is not detrimental to the treats in any way and still perfectly safe to give to your pets.

If however you get moisture on your items for some reason I would suggest you to throw away those pieces as the excess moisture is what spoils dehydrated foods.

Important note…

The “use-by date for best results” is just exactly that – for best results. If stored properly in a dry and cool place all of our treats should be safe to eat for a very long time after the “use-by” date.

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